“Garden Delights has the most wonderful assortment of heirloom tomato plants that I never even knew existed. Julie was so patient and helpful in explaining the varieties and making suggestions. I can’t wait to shop and start planting this spring! I highly recommend Garden Delights to everyone, as their passion, knowledge and love of product makes for a wonderful experience.”

—Dana Taylor, Taylors, SC

“I ordered Garden Delights plants because of the huge variety of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and herbs that were available. I couldn’t believe how carefully (and beautifully) each plant was wrapped and how safely they made it all the way to Chicago. In all my years of gardening, I have never had more beautiful or bountiful tomatoes! My neighbors thanked me and insisted on knowing where I got my plants, and have since started ordering from Garden Delights-SC, too!”

—Katie McGowan, Chicago, IL

“When we ordered from Garden Delights, it was in the hope that our little garden would provide one or two salads a week for us. Little did we know that we would be providing food – daily – for all the neighbors, too! Every one of our gorgeous seedlings grew up into a tall, strong plant and we were eating tomatoes into late summer and peppers late into the fall. We loved trying out the different varieties of tomatoes and peppers… especially the German Pink tomatoes and huge Bell peppers. I still have three robust herbs helping to 'green up' my gloomy winter garden. The ability to eat well for an entire season without breaking the bank is another benefit you can’t beat! We love Garden Delights for the amazing plants and the stellar customer service and will definitely be ordering again.”

—Eleanor Boulos, Greer, SC

“Garden Delights has a great selection of hard-to-find heirloom tomato plants. I grew a number of different varieties last year and enjoyed some great tomatoes. I especially liked that the plants were sold in peat pots and could be planted directly into the ground. This eliminated the use of unrecyclable plastic pots and allowed me to put the tomatoes in the garden without disturbing their root system. I can't wait for the soil to warm up so I can order more. I will definitely be growing more Garden Delights tomatoes this summer.“

—Kathy McKay (Master Gardener),
    Spartanburg, SC

“I received two Garden Delights tomato plants, Cherokee Purple and Gardener's Delight, as well as a basil plant as a gift. I did not have much room left in my garden, so I put these plants in a rocky area. These plants did so much better than the ones I got from the nursery! They thrived! I got tons of produce from the tomato plants, and they were delicious! I used the basil in several recipes, and the results were great! I will definitely get ALL of my plants from Garden Delights this year!“

—Carol Smith, Mauldin, SC

“My daughter had her first garden last year. The plants came from Garden Delights. Despite being neglected for days on end, the plants continued to grow and produce tomatoes and peppers. My daughter would literally eat them off the vine! She loved them, and her first experience as a gardener was a success. We can't wait to get our plants from Garden Delights again this year!“

—Becky Poole, Simpsonville, SC

“Garden Delights is more than delightful, it's delectable! Having Julie's plants growing in my garden to use for chef events makes her plants my top priority this spring. She takes pride in the process of producing plants that will thrive. If you want wonderful heirloom tomatoes, Garden Delights is the place to shop.“

—Ginger Phillips, Personal Chef,
    Spartanburg, SC

“I ordered from Garden Delights for the first time this past spring. Everything came at the right time for planting and in great condition. All my plants grew terrificly and produced many tomatoes throughout the season. I highly recommended ordering from Garden Delights!”

—Jerilyn Smith, Crawfordsville, IN

“My tomato plants were beautiful, delicious, and prolific! Thank you, Garden Delights for the high quality plants and advice—will definitely order again!“

—Laura Heidenreich, Moore, SC

“Garden Delights has the best plants – the yellow pear tomatoes are my favorite. They are so juicy and sweet even my two-year-old son will eat them!”

—Helen Brown, Spartanburg, SC